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Acute and Chronic Illness 1307 Module
Coaching and Advocacy 1877 Module
Contemporary Issues in Social contexts 831 Module
Contemporary Research for Enquiry 1876 Module
Creative and Critical Approaches to Study 392 Module
Criminology and Offender Management 1882 Module
Emotional Intelligence in Practice 830 Module
Family Wellbeing 824 Module
Foundations of Health and Social Care 1867 Module
Health and Social Care Principles 1310 Module
Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care 1880 Module
Learning Disabilities 1311 Module
Managing Acute and Chronic Conditions 1878 Module
Managing Mentoring 826 Module
Mental Wellbeing 1313 Module
Mentoring for Learning 827 Module
Professional Management in Health and Social Care 1315 Module
Professional Management Practice in Business 812 Module
Promoting Health and Wellbeing 1874 Module
Promoting Healthy Living 1316 Module
Psychological Perspectives on Holistic Health 1869 Module
Public Health and Social Policy 1875 Module
Research in Health and Social Care Practice 1881 Module
Risk and Ethics 1871 Module
Skills for Working with People 1868 Module
Sociological Influences on Holistic Health 1870 Module
Sociology of Health 2046 Module
Substance Misuse 1317 Module
Supporting Individuals, Families and Households 1879 Module
The Health and Social Care Professional 1873 Module
Working with Gangs 1319 Module

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